Kabali movie poster designer

Kabali Movie Poster Designer- A Story Of Hard Work and Grit!

Do you know the guy who conquered memory loss and designed kabali movie posters?

Yes, memory loss we’re talking about, here!

It might look like a movie script where the struggler overcomes his hurdles and becomes triumphant and gets what he deserves; and nothing less than that has happened in the life of Vinci Raj, who is a designer by profession.

When the Kabali Movie poster was released over a micro-blogging site (Twitter), it was highly appreciated by the fans across Chennai. Superstar Rajinikanth himself send out a tweet with the Kabali movie poster.

After seeing the poster designed by Vinci Raj, the fans went hysterical and are anticipating the movie release date which is due in the Tamil New Year’s Eve 2016.

The Kabali poster showed Rajinikanth in a never before avatar sporting a white-as-ice beard and grey hair, sitting on a couch in an all-grey suit looking all suave and charismatic. The director confirmed that this movie is related to the real life story of a Chennai mafia don. What stands out in this movie is that our thalaivar is portraying a character close to his age after long.

It is also said that with this movie he is shedding his stereotypical image and the pomp dialogues which he has been known for, for so long. He has done away with his image and will be seen closer to his age with no less with the same enigma!

Now, coming back to Vinci Raj…

When we talk about movies’ cast and crew, we mostly come to know of the actors, director, producers, composers and lyricists, etc. which are a part of the film. We seldom find the people who work at the backend or with the pre and post productions team getting any attention. However this time, Vinci Raj, who is the poster designer for Kabali movie has received attention for his story.

Being an ardent fan of the superstar himself, he was excited when Pa Ranjith, the director of Kabali movie, asked him to design the poster for his latest project. However, he met with an accident on a road trip with friends few month before the Kabali offer fell into his kitty. The accident left him with memory loss which could have been a setback for his career. Despite the fact that he was fighting memory loss, he took up the Kabali movie as a challenge and worked hard to recollect the use of Photoshop and other softwares.

He says that Ranjith was very patient with him and is thankful to both him and the producer to give him the creative freedom he required.

When asked about his experience with the superstar himself, he feels elated and says that it was great working with him and observing him. He also came to know from Ranjith that Rajinikanth was very pleased with the poster design.

Vinci Raj says that before Kabali, poster designer’s names were not mentioned and is a growing trend these days. This makes him very happy.

Well, as long as talents are appreciated in an industry which thrives on talent, the audience as well as the projects’ team-member shall remain motivated to excel and entertain.

We wish Vinci Raj good luck for his future endeavours.

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